Catalysing implementation of

21st Century Infrastructure


Making sure the right type of funding is available
to finance multi-technology investment
in sustainable infrastructure.


At Carbon Metrics, we take an integrated approach to resource efficiency and energy generation on-site – to us it is all about investment to reduce on-going costs or generate new cash flows through contracted inputs and outputs. We take a long-term view, working closely with Cleantech and Energy Service Companies charged with finding the best way for businesses to become resource efficient and be prepared and protected for the future.

Carbon Metrics comes up with the funding – no need to compromise on solution deployment because of ready cash constraints.

Our approach enables the delivery of multiple technologies funded under one contract, minimising administration and overhead, opening up a source of funding previously beyond reach.
As technologies and circumstances emerge, new layers of investment can be easily added to the existing Contract.

Resource Efficiency and Energy Generation

Resource efficiency first, then on-site energy generation as economics permit.
But these technologies are always changing, but there is no point in waiting for perfect future solutions, when really appropriate ones are feasible now.
Wind, solar, Waste to Energy and hydroelectricity systems that are not grid connected need to be sized for optimal commercial viability.

Funded Energy Solutions for Multiple Technologies