Carbon Metrics Limited was formed in 2016 by Fintan Whelan and Doug Farrell in response to the demand for innovative funding solutions in the renewable energy sector. Having identified a significant disconnect between energy service companies and institutional funding models, Carbon Metrics acts as a bridge to gain access to these funds in a cost-efficient manner. This bridge in effect gives the institutional funders the scale they require whilst simultaneously giving smaller projects access to a market not previously open to them.


Fintan Whelan, Co-Founder & Director
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Fintan has been active in Renewables since joining the newly-formed Airtricity in 2000 as Corporate Finance Manager. In 2008, he co-founded Mainstream Renewable Power, along with ex Airtricity CEO Eddie O’Connor, focusing on development of SolarPV & onshore/offshore wind projects across a number of markets – US, Canada, Chile, South Africa, Ireland, UK and Germany.

He left Mainstream in 2014 to focus on the emerging opportunities for Corporates as technology and economics evolve, subsidies for large scale renewables fall away and the business model of utilities becomes increasingly challenged by these forces.

At Carbon Metrics, Fintan is deploying his knowledge of funding mechanisms & providers to source the best shaped funding solutions for the needs of Energy Consultants and their clients for their investment in business infrastructure and sustainable profitability.

Fintan is actively involved across the sector –

  • He works with Amarenco on the expansion of their European business into wind and innovative routes to market for electricity.
  • Emerging Markets Power ltd – Fintan is a Co-Founder & Director of this greenfield wind developer, currently working on Utility scale projects in Ghana and Tanzania. This is a Joint Venture with Vestas and is backed by Belltown Power.
  • Fintan is a Non-Executive director of SolarPV specialist developer BNRG Renewables.
  • He is a regular speaker at Industry Conferences.


Doug Farrell, Co-Founder & Commercial Director.
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Doug has considerable experience within the real estate, finance and renewable energy sectors since 2003.

He co-founded the real estate company Caelum Development in 2003 in Poland, which grew to become one of Ireland’s largest private commercial portfolios operating in the country. The group also operated in Germany, Hungary and Romania.

In 2007, whilst still at Caelum, Doug was the founding shareholder of Power21 and Propower, two regulated energy companies operating in the Polish market. The principal activities were energy distribution and transmission respectively and gave Doug a good perspective of how large retail clients operate in terms of energy management. As management board member of both companies Doug has a good understanding of how utilities operate and how their clients react to those operations in the commercial market.

Spending more time in Ireland since 2014, Doug became actively involved in the Solar PV industry advising corporate clients on the potential to generate on site electricity. The single most important take away from these interactions was that there is no single answer to either efficiency or generation and that multi technology solutions work best. This has been borne out through his interactions with engineering and energy service companies who see the importance of having a funding facility that supports and matches the successive aspects of the technologies – a multi-stage incremental program as technology and economics evolve.


David R. Martin, P. Eng. Chief Technology Officer.
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Over 28 years of innovation across the globe building better products and services. From automotive to consumer products, utility to multinational beverage sectors solving some of the toughest social and commercialisation challenges to make companies better.

In the C-suite of several companies (including inCTRL Solutions, WCI Environmental, Voltea, and evandtec) in Europe and Canada, reaching global markets with an intense passion and an entrepreneurial spirit for tackling problems, Mr. Martin has helped shareholders profit and talent blossom.

Recently appointed to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund Council, David joins recognized leaders in the federal, municipal and environmental sectors carefully tending to a $650 million fund.
As a Sector Expert for Enertech Capital, he supplies expertise and knowledge on Energy Storage, EV & Infrastructure and water.

Specialties: Building lasting relationships through trust and understanding. Deep technical knowledge and abilities paired with professional sales skills for all kinds of technologies and products. Excellent presenter of complex and novel ideas to broad audiences – making connections that make sense and inspiring motivation through enthusiasm and diligence.


Wayne Byrne, IEMBA, Board Advisor & NED
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Wayne is a board advisor and non-executive director. Wayne offers strategic insight on the international Cleantech sector. His extensive experience in managing companies serving the circular economy and raising the capital required, adds depth to the role Carbon Metrics fulfills for their clients.

In the last 10 years Wayne acquired, restructured, and sold a significant waste equipment supply company, Manvik Group. Manvik had over 80 staff, turnover of over €40M and had operations in the UK and Ireland. Wayne went on to set up Biocore Environmental Limited and has established a significant presence in wastewater sludge management and renewable energy production. Wayne successfully sold Biocore to the management team in early 2016.

Wayne is currently Chief Executive Officer of Oxymem, a Cleantech 100 business for the last 4 years backed by DowDupont and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures. Wayne was one of the original founders and he took the business from a lab scale application in UCD to a global membrane manufacturing business employing over 50 people in less than 10 years. His experience has enabled OxyMem to acquire the resources, capital and the direction needed to become pioneers in this industry, delivering consistent growth and innovation.

Our Mission

We seek to develop, enhance, and catalyse the energy efficiency and clean generation markets.

Our Philosophy

There is no single solution or technology that delivers energy efficiencies but rather a portfolio of applications the composition of which is different for each client.

Our Values

Our clients and energy service consultants are key to deploying renewable technologies and our approach is always with integrity and professionalism.